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Tom Morris: Keynote Magic

Philosopher Tom Morris has become one of the most popular keynote speakers in our time on topics of success, motivation, leadership, and change management. He brings the wisdom of the ages to bear on our most pressing contemporary challenges with deep thought, high energy, and good humor. A Morehead-Cain Scholar from UNC-Chapel Hill, he holds a joint Ph.D. degree in Philosophy and Religious Studies from Yale University and taught at Notre Dame for 15 years, where he was one of their most popular professors ever, and worked as a leading international scholar pioneering exciting new topics. He’s spoken over 1,000 times to many of the world’s largest companies, as well as to small groups of business creators, top execs, and leaders across industries. He’s often called, “The best speaker ever!”

Tom leading 4,500 people through an hour of insights and laughter, and lots of very practical wisdom that can be used every day!

Tom leading 4,500 people through an hour of insights and laughter, and lots of very practical wisdom that can be used every day!

Tom’s Speaking Fees

Aristotle once remarked that we can’t ever pay a true philosopher what he’s worth, but that we should at least try to do our best.

Tom’s standard national US keynote fee is $20,000 plus first class expenses for up to 75 minutes of presentation time. Additional hours onsite and same day are $5K each. Tom can sometimes accommodate smaller budgets, depending on his schedule and the location of the event. Expense buyouts in advance are also common, and vary, by location. Tom flies from North Carolina.

European standard fee: $40,000 plus business class expenses for up to 90 minutes of presentation. Elsewhere, the global fee starts at $50,000 and business class expenses for up to two hours of presentation time.

For Most of Tom’s talks, books are available for advance purchase at deep discounts. Tom is always happy to sign them onsite for audiences of up to 1,000. His wife assures him that his personal signature does not detract too much from the value of the book.

Sample Praise for Tom’s Talks - Many More can be Found on the Client page.

Dear Tom: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! You were absolutely fabulous - and I know I gave you one tough crowd!

This group is certainly accustomed to top-notch speakers, and consequently that makes my - and your - job difficult. However, with all the presenters I've ever put before them, none - and I mean none - has been as well received as you.

Never before did I have to contend with physically pulling my attendees from a speaker; they just couldn't get enough of you! But most importantly, the subject mater was 100% on target, and met our objective of prompting discussion and afterthought well into the evening - a mark of true success. We can't wait to have you back in front of our 1,000 plus person region in June! - Fondly, Jenn Krasnigor, SE Regional Meeting Planner, Price Waterhouse


Winter, 2019: “Tom Morris is a font of knowledge with a firecracker presence. The way he lit up the room with big ideas and engaged all of the participants was truly impressive.”- Lovdy E. H.. Grossman, Director, Office of Conferences & Training, Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs, The University of Texas at Austin


In 2017 Tom was our keynote speaker at our annual sales conference and his 7C's of Success was one of the best talks we've ever had. It was so highly rated that we decided, in a very bold and rare move, to bring Tom back to continue the conversation in 2018.  He picked right up where he left off and talked about the Four Foundations of Greatness. He has a way of making his point in a relatable way using his considerable charm and sense of humor.  But his content is timeless and true and at the core of his message lies real wisdom of the ages. Tom has become our company philosopher for life! - Tom Lakatos, Lincoln Investment


Start to finish it was a true pleasure – to catch up after all of these years and to experience the magic of what you brought our attendees. Based on their reaction, I’d say it was everything and more than I had hoped for! - Laura Woodburn, M.S.Ed. Executive Director, Education, Health Forum and Speakers Express, an American Hospital Association Company, after a standing ovation from 875 hospital CEOs.


YOU WERE FANTASTIC. TRULY INSPIRATIONAL. My team could not talk enough about the experience. They referred to you as an experience, not a “speech” or a “session.” To me, that is an amazing compliment, when you can present and people feel it as though you connected directly with each and every one of them. - Joel Rickman, Vice President, Verification Services, Equifax Inc.


RAVE reviews. Everyone just loved your talk and engaging with you. - Joy Skinner, Palmetto, GBA


Thank you so much Tom - you were a big hit once again! I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews about your talk and I personally thought it was excellent. You just have a wonderful talent for connecting with people through stories, humor and authenticity, which when coupled with your sage advice (rooted in the teachings of the great philosophers), is just perfect for these types of business seminars! - Jill Davis, Senior Vice President, BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina


Our groups have had the pleasure of having Tom speak to our guests at (4) different events this year and all have been outstanding and he has received rave reviews every time! The #1 comment at the end of each of his presentations is: “Best Speaker Ever!” - Kim Sanchez, Corporate Event Planner & President, Exclusive Meetings & Events


Tom’s Most Requested Talk

True Success

Tom’s most requested talk is “True Success: The Art of Achievement in Times of Change.” In it, he distills the wisdom of the ages for individual and corporate success amid challenge and uncertainty. Full of funny and memorable stories, this presentation will give you ideas you can use right away. One major company has requested this talk for over 65 of their meetings.

Tom’s Talk is built around these seven conditions for success.

The 7 Cs of Success

For substantive and satisfying success in any challenge, we need:

(1) A clear CONCEPTION of what we want, a vivid vision, a goal clearly imagined.

(2) A strong CONFIDENCE that we can attain that goal.

(3) A focused CONCENTRATION on what it takes to reach our goal.

(4) A stubborn CONSISTENCY in pursuing our vision.

(5) An emotional COMMITMENT to the importance of what we're doing.

(6) A good CHARACTER to guide us and keep us on a proper course.

(7) A CAPACITY TO ENJOY the process along the way

FOR SAMPLE VIDEOS, go to the Talks page.


From Convention Centers of 5,000 to 10,000 people, to small intimate gatherings, life changing philosophy can be done in practical ways.

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Other Very Popular Topics

The Four Foundations of Greatness.

This is one of Tom’s most highly regardarded presentations, and is derived from his classic breakthrough leadership book, “If Aristotle Ran General Motors.” Truth. Beauty. Goodness. Unity. These are the foundations of great culture, great client relationships and the power of deep happiness for creative, breakthrough results.

Plato’s Lemonade Stand

Equally requested and praised is Tom’s talk on dealing with the challenge of change. We’ve all heard the old advice, “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade!” But no one says how. Until now. Tom’s presentation “Plato’s Lemonade Stand: Stirring Change into Something Great” will lift your spirits and guide you forward with a new sense of your deepest power to transform circumstances and make great new things happen. Like all his talks, this presentation is full of ideas you can use right away.

Socrates in Silicon Valley

Steve Jobs was a notoriously difficult personality, but as a leader he built one of the world’s most valuable companies, and in the process changed the way we all live. In this talk, Tom explores the deep philosophy behind his leadership success, and provides you with perspectives you can use in your business, to take everything to the next level.

FOR SAMPLE VIDEOS, go to the Talks page.

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Tom also leads weekend retreats and immersive events. Pricing is available on request, and will depend in part on location and the size of the group involved.