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The Oasis Within

The engaging prologue to a new series of fiction and philosophy:

"Walid and the Mysteries of Phi"

A sprawling epic story, set in Egypt in 1934 and 1935. 

“The same caliber of adventures, plots, character development, excitement and sheer glorious prose as you would find in the Harry Potter novels, but in an environment of timeless practical wisdom, instead of just magic. As you read, you are entertained, amazed and brought on a most incredible ride where you actually come out wiser, smarter and ready for a better version of life because of traveling with Walid, Mafulla and the other characters.” - Jay Forte, MBA, CPC, CGC, ELI-MPCoach, Author, Educator, Ft Lauderdale, FL


This is a series about life, death, meaning, friendship, understanding other people, the deep secrets behind everyday events, and the extraordinary power of a well-focused mind.

In The Oasis Within, a thirteen year old boy travels with his uncle from a small village in Western Egypt toward Cairo, where they plan to take their goods to market. But at an oasis early in the trip, the old man begins to share wisdom with the boy, to prepare him for life, but also for something unexpected that's about to happen. As we travel with them, we become part of the conversation and gain our own insights along the way. This book has won over fans who say they otherwise never read fiction, or philosophy or "self help"! The old man is a Gandalf, a Dumbledore, a wise sage who has learned what we all need to know! This book has been called one of our great leadership books as well as one of our great life books.

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Early Readers React - A Sampling. For More, Go To:

Hi, Tom! The Oasis Within is breathtaking. At times while reading I actually gasped at the beauty of the writing and the clarity of such profound and life changing ideas. Virtually every page of your book is now covered in highlights. I was particularly taken with your perspective on uncertainty. Like so many folks, I've often resisted uncertainty, or even feared it. I now have a new tool in the toolkit. 

I also loved your description of goals. In my career I have focused on goals and talked about goals and obsessed about goals. But I never really saw them as a new path of concentrated, consistent and committed action. How I use goals in my life will never be the same.

Your discussion of the fire of positive energy, and for me, the idea that tough times can become fuel is inspiring and so very useful right now.

I could go on and on, but I do want to thank you specifically for one other insight - the roles of nobility and humility. After 30 years and hundreds of AA meetings that revolve around humility, I still didn't have a good way to think about the dichotomy of those ideas in life. Now I do.

I was captured by Ali and Walid. And I was taken by surprise by the plot twist and revelation. I can't wait to see what happens. Tom, this is a remarkably important work, one that I'm certain will benefit thousands and thousands of people. Thanks for sharing and thanks for your friendship.

Jack H.


Hi Tom: I’m home from Naples and I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed THE OASIS WITHIN! I was hooked from the opening chapter……underlining, highlighting, making notes and ‘WOW”s in the columns………

Full of chills……one in particular…….When I got to the chapter entitled ‘WISDOM BUCKET’…..for some odd reason, I drew a heart around those words………I read those two pages…..turned the page and read the line…..”My wisdom bucket is in my heart”……..chills up and down my spine….. I was definitely meant to read this book………….so, AGAIN……THANK YOU. Hope to make it to the book signing……already have a list of friends who will receive them for Christmas!!! And definitely will share with my book club!

In the last 8 years, I’ve watched my husband succumb to cancer…….and then my only child succumb to ALS………. Since I’ve been searching……which I guess is pretty normal……trying to figure out what’s next for me and trying to be open to those answers, directions, signs, etc. This book arrived in my hands in a totally random way… (Thank you Universe). MY book is now full of “highlighting”, notes, “Wows”, answers……One I will read over and over and over….It’s THAT GOOD! And so now, I’m on this new ADVENTURE with Uncle Ali and Walid…….and can’t wait to continue the journey…….Thank you Tom Morris!

With gratitude, Anne. (Anne Cunningham, Metal Artist)


 It is the most meaningful book I've read in years, possibly ever. 

Tom Hackler, Duke Energy


And now, the adventure really gets going with The Golden Palace. Meet all the new characters whose world and wisdom you will come to share. Click on the cover to purchase it today!


Volume 1: The Golden Palace

Consider this Amazon Review

5 Stars! Let the Series Begin! 
What would you get if you locked Indiana Jones, Plato, and Obi-Wan Kenobi in a room and asked them to write a rousing tale of intrigue, adventure, wisdom, and suspense? Probably something a lot like this book! A lead-off home run to what promises to be the most exciting series of philosophical novels of our time.


Volume 2: The Stone of Giza

Egypt, 1934. The Adventure Continues.

Could there be something with the power to reveal what a person is really like, deep inside, an item whose mere possession would bring out hidden flaws or unsuspected strengths? It might also have other effects on anyone owning it—a potency to heal, or energize and enliven. Perhaps it could be transformative in even deeper ways. Would you want such a thing? Would you seek to keep it away from dangerous people? Such an item is the focus of this story, the official Volume 2 in the series, Walid and the Mysteries of Phi. There are mysteries in our world, along with paradoxes and enigmas. In this book, you’ll encounter many.


Volume 3: The Viper and the Storm.

More surprises and deep insights await! In this third volume of the philosophical adventure series Walid and the Mysteries of Phi, a wise character speaks to every one of us when he says to his friends, “We’re all participants in a great drama that encompasses us in space and time. We’re chosen to help move it forward, but we never have to depend on just our own abilities to do so. We’re free, but we’re also deeply supported and guided. Let that build your confidence, your faith, and your hope in the future. Great things are afoot. And we’re among the foot soldiers of destiny.” That deep perspective plays out in this story through many surprises encountered by the two boys known as The Golden Viper and Windstorm.

The short book, The Oasis Within, followed a group from a small village in west Egypt as they crossed the vast desert headed for Cairo in the summer of 1934. It served as a prologue to the epic adventure that will continually reveal deep and surprising secrets about our world. The Golden Palace and The Stone of Giza then brought us drama, mystery, and a touch of romance, as the action began. In The Viper and the Storm, the story will take us to more unexpected places. Walid Shabeezar, the Prince of Egypt, along with his friends Mafulla, Kissa, and Hasina, will face new challenges as they grow into what the future holds for them.

Rating: * * * * * Review Title: Binge Book Series

Reviewer: Taylor Moore, drummer, comedian

The Viper and The Storm Review:

What a page-turner! It's like reading a script from your favorite drama series on Netflix embedded with great philosophy, comedic relief and budding romance.

I have been on this journey with Walid since his preparation told in The Oasis Within. I have since read Volume 1, The Golden Palace, Volume 2, The Stone of Giza and now Volume 3, The Viper and The Storm, all part of the great series called Walid and the Mysteries of Phi.

In each volume the plot thickens more than the last. Reading in proper succession adds much suspense, in addition to learning and understanding the characters, creating a bond that leads to great expectancy as one feels they're on the journey too!

With this book series, as with any great Netflix series, you may just find yourself bingeing ... Walid and Chill. 

Volume Four: The King and Prince

This is book four in the series, Walid and the Mysteries of Phi. The kingdom of Egypt is threatened from two different directions. And the discovery of an ancient book in Alexandria may help Ali, Walid, Mafulla, and their friends face the greatest challenge of their lives.

The action is unexpected, and the philosophical ideas are deep. A vicious attack, a dubious new ambassador, shocking murders, and several assassins on the loose, a boat trip down the Nile, a terrible accident, a strange little book with secrets, and a major battle take their places in this new part of the story.
The realities behind appearances, synchronicity, intuition, happiness, power and meaning, life and death, evil and redemption, and the ghostly souls of books are just a few of the philosophical ideas that arise in new ways in this book. The center of government in the kingdom of Egypt is a target for violent revolutionaries. And you could never imagine what results.

Volume Five: The Mysterious Village

Mystery and intrigue abound in this fifth volume of the philosophical adventure series, Walid and the Mysteries of Phi. It’s soon going to be Prince Walid Shabeezar’s fourteenth birthday. And his creative best friend Mafulla Adi gives him an early birthday present that unknowingly anticipates the most unusual and dangerous adventure they will ever have experienced together.

Strange things are happening in various parts of Egypt and across North Africa. A new threat is on the horizon. It seems that an utterly amoral and unprincipled individual is seeking power beyond anything ever witnessed, or even imagined. And his quest is about to endanger the boys and all their friends in the most harrowing way ever.

The previous books in this series have brought us mystery, humor, profound ideas, and a touch of true romance as the real action kicked into high gear. In The Mysterious Village, the ongoing story will take us to even deeper and more unexpected places. The philosophical ideas will be deep and surprising.

Animals begin disappearing all over Cairo. No one knows why. Walid and his friends travel across the vast desert of the kingdom to visit the village where he was born. And very strange things begin to happen. They suddenly find themselves confronting perhaps the greatest and most mysterious challenge of their lives. The philosophy goes deep, and new revelations keep happening. Have you ever thought about animal intelligence and even animal spirituality? New insights emerge left and right. Dip in and enjoy the ride!


Volume 6: The Magic Ring


A mysterious man who may be a monster of legend is out for revenge, and no one who captures his attention is safe. The man is seeking esoteric forms of spiritual power that will allow him to rule and control the nation of Egypt, as a first step, and then possibly the rest of the world. A few remarkable people in Cairo have blocked his previous efforts at accumulating strange power, and now he’s hoping to kill them all. In the midst of some very surprising assaults, accidents, and deaths, a myriad of incredible positive insights will come to light.

This is the sixth volume in the series, Walid and the Mysteries of Phi. And it may contain the deepest philosophy of all the books. Amid rough kidnappings, heinous murders, and a variety of ongoing threats to the kingdom, there is a remarkable oasis of calm during a birthday party for the king. But then, the most unexpected thing happens. Someone passes through the ultimate portal of death and discovers secrets we all need to know. There is a tragic loss, and then another, and a personal transformation like nothing you’ve ever seen. A final confrontation with evil will leave you wondering not only what has happened, but what in the world it means.

Walid Shabeezar, Mafulla Adi, and their good friends Kissa and Hasina, along with their wider circle of schoolmates, family members, and older supporters, find themselves living through stark challenges and difficult adventures where all is at stake. There are also jokes aplenty, bizarre surprises, and unexpected life lessons around almost every corner, thanks in part to Plato, among other people.


Volume 7: The Ancient Scroll



Two powerful individuals have vanished. A prince has been transformed overnight into a king. A stranger wakes up on a church pew in New York City with no memory, but possessing unusual abilities. His unexpected arrival leads to a bizarre rescue mission that connects up with equally strange events in Egypt. Nazi assassins suddenly descend on Cairo and New York in a desperate search for an ancient scroll that may contain the most coveted secret of all time. They will stop at nothing to succeed in their quest, no matter how many people they have to kill along the way. If they’re not thwarted quickly, the entire world is in danger.

This is the seventh volume in the pioneering series of philosophical fiction entitled Walid and the Mysteries of Phi. And it may contain the most deeply transformative philosophy of all the books. Few things are what they seem. New wisdom is swirling all around. What may be the oldest epic tale on earth comes to have implications no one has suspected. Thefts, kidnappings, gunfights and firebombs set the stage for what may be the biggest surprise ever in a story of transformation and destiny.

Walid Shabeezar, Mafulla Adi, and good friends Kissa and Hasina, along with their wider circle of schoolmates, family, and older supporters, find themselves once again living through big challenges and fraught adventures where everything is under threat. In the midst of it all, good humor abounds and unexpected life lessons lurk around almost every corner. And then in the end, when the time has fully come, we are presented with what may be the most important revelation of all.

The First Reader Comment

I just got a wonderful note from a top executive coach, author, and public speaker, who is also one of my favorite wise people, Jay Forte, and who is officially the first reader to email me about finishing this book, Volume Seven in my philosophical fiction series, Walid and the Mysteries of Phi, an epic story that was launched by the little book, The Oasis Within, and has continued on through seven big subsequent numbered volumes of action, adventure, and philosophical reflection.

I knew that Jay had just bought The Ancient Scroll when it was published 10 days or so prior to his note, and that he had read all the previous books. But I had no idea he was such a fast reader. He wrote me, just now, succinctly:

<<Finished it. Did not expect the ending. Well done.

I want to see the movie(s)...

Thanks for the excitement, intrigue, wisdom and adventure through the 7 books.

I have loved them.

Happy Easter.


This gladdens my heart. I hope many of you will have the wonderful experience that I had while watching the original movie play in my mind and writing as fast as I could to capture it all.

The same reader later writes:

The Ancient Scroll

In the final book of the series, Tom Morris continues to impress with non-stop adventures that remind us of the extraordinary power of a well-focused mind. Being tuned in, present and aware is what guides the characters to handle the non-stop challenges that happen at every turn. As they learn, we learn how to be our most expansive selves – how to show up ready for life on life’s terms. If that were not enough from a stay-up-late-to-keep-reading book, the end will stop you in your tracks…

Jay Forte, MBA, CPC, CGC, ELI-MP, Coach, Author, Educator


A Further Word From Tom

This is definitely the wildest, most unexpected story of my life. In February 2011, I woke up, had toast, jam, and coffee for breakfast, and, before I could get out of my chair to go work on a book about how to deal with change, one of the greatest changes and adventures of my life suddenly began. I started to see, as if in my mind's eye, a vivid movie, something like the most amazing daydream of my life.

In an instant, I was watching and listening to an old man and a young boy, who were sitting under a palm tree in the desert and talking about life. Their conversation was really great, so I ran up the stairs to my study and began to type as fast as I could, to catch up and keep up. I then put a short essay on The Huffington Post with the first rough version of that initial conversation. People reacted quickly and with great enthusiasm. "What is this?" "Is this the beginning of a book?" I honestly didn't know what it was.

The movie then continued to play, most days, on and off, for nearly four years. The result is, so far, eight completed books that have not yet been shown to publishers. A former student who is now a famous thriller novelist saw the first two books and said, right away, "This is The Alchemist Meets Harry Potter Meets Indiana Jones!"

Watching this inner movie and writing it all down has has been the pinnacle of my experience as a philosopher. The things I've seen and heard and learned by watching this mysterious movie go beyond anything I've ever read or discovered in more normal, ordinary ways.

Three weeks after the movie began to play, and well before I realized that I was in the process of writing a book, and, of course, long before I knew it would be the first of many books, I woke up one day and had an almost equally unusual mental vision, where I saw something like a book cover.

It was clearly a book. Noticing the banner across the top of the front book cover in this surprising morning vision, I realized right away that it said, "Over Three Million Copies In Print." So, I responded to that by saying, "Ok, then. I'll write this book." And the big adventure began.

The first book, The Oasis Within, is something like a conversational prologue to the series of action and adventure stories that go on to reveal a deep and ancient philosophical worldview that's uniquely powerful for the twenty-first century. It's now available at Amazon and other booksellers, as well as the first three volumes of the series it begins. The next book will be announced here when it's available. And that will happen in the fall of 2017. Click the covers here to purchase. I hope you LOVE them!

And, stay tuned!

Over the desert in Egypt, where book one of Walid and the Mysteries of Phi begins, as a lone rider on a fast horse makes his way through outcroppings of rock on a frantic dash toward Cairo and a dramatic event that awaits only his arrival.

Over the desert in Egypt, where book one of Walid and the Mysteries of Phi begins, as a lone rider on a fast horse makes his way through outcroppings of rock on a frantic dash toward Cairo and a dramatic event that awaits only his arrival.


The ancient Greek letter Phi, above is used to name a famous and fascinating mathematical ratio, and now, a deep secret and cluster of qualities that will leave you asking yourself, "Am I Phi?"

The adventure is now available in the prologue and volumes 1-7. Is there more? Come back to check. There may be!